Fungitell® 2020 Calendar Of Events

Feb. 3-6 MEDLAB Middle East 2020 Dubai UAE
Feb. 16-19 SCCM - 42nd Soc Critical Care Med Orlando, FL
March 13-14 Mycology 2020 London
March 16-18 HCP - 2020 Hospital Supply Chain New Orleans, LA
March 29-31 Knowledgelab CLMA 2020 Louisville, KY
Mar. 31-Apr. 3 Analytica 2020 Muenchen, Germany
April 18-21 ECCMID European Cong Clinical Microbiology & Infection Disease 2020 Paris, France
May 7-9 ISHAM Asia 2020 Bangkok, Thailand
May 15-20 ATS - Am Thoracic Soc Philadelphia, PA
May 27-30 MAD ID - 23nd Annual MAD ID Orlando, FL
May 30-June 3 ATC - Am Transplant Conference Philadelphia, PA
June 5-6 PDA Conference Ireland London
June 7-9 21st ICHS Symposim on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host Australia
June 10-12 MedLab AP Bangkok, Thailand
June 18-22 ASM 2020 Microbe - Am Soc Microbioloy Chicago, IL
July 6-10 AIDS 2020 San Francisco & Oakland, CA
July 26-30 2020 AACC Clinical Lab Expo Chicago, IL
Sep. 16-19 54rd Scientific Conference of the German-speaking Mycological Society Würzburg
Sep. 26-27 DGHM Specialist Group Conference "Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology" Erlangen, Germany
Oct. 1-3 SFMM French Soc Med Mycology Cayenne, Guyana
Oct. 15-17 Infocus Latin America Iguaçu Falls, Brazil
Oct. 21-25 IDWeek 2020 Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 5-8 62nd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition San Diego, CA